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Round 7: Georgia increases lead to 2 points
 MG 7657

By winning in round 7 against India, Georgia increased its lead at the World Women Team Championship to 2 points. The main rival of Georgia, the Russian team, luckily avoided dramatic result in the match against Kazakhstan and finished the match with 2:2 score. Another critical match Ukraine-China was also tied and China kept the third place at the table. The USA and Armenian teams held each other to a draw with even scores on all boards. Poland outplayed Egypt with 3:1 score. Once again Wafa Shrook was the only Egyptian player, who brought a point to the team.
 MG 7547

Before the start of the games FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and players congratulated the member of the Chinese team Xixin Ding on her birthday.

 MG 7569
The director of Chengdu sports bureau, Ms.Tan Xuejun and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov made the first symbolic move 1.d4 in the game Gunina-Abdumalik to start the most dramatic match at the 7th round.

 MG 7682

Georgia assumed a quick lead against India as Mari Arabidze managed to outplay her opponent Rout Padmini in a complex middle game. But Indians held two draws on the first and last boards and Harika Dronavalli pressed hard against Lela Javakishvili. However, Lela put up a strong resistance against Harika and after 80 moves the peace has been signed.

 MG 7559

The match Russia – Kazakhstan brought a lot of emotions to chess fans and the trainers of the teams. The result of the match was unpredictable till the last moment. Valentina Gunina had a lost position against Zhansaya Abdumalik but managed to complicate it and outplayed her opponent in the time trouble. In contrary Alexandra Kosteniuk went for a force line in a good position, which turned to be on favor of her opponent Dinara Saduakassova. After the time control Black had lost position with exchange and pawn down. Alexandra Goryachkina went for exchange sacrifice which led to the lost position and only miracle could have saved her game and the match.


The miracle happened on move 62. Black played 62…Rf6, gave back an exchange and could not convert an extra pawn in the endgame. After 62…Qc1 63. Kh2 and now Rf6 the position is still completely winning for Black.

 MG 7602
In order to replace China on the third rank at the table Ukraine had to win today. It turned out not to be an easy task as Ukraine started with a loss. Anna Ushenina is clearly not in her best chess form during this tournament. She missed not a very difficult tactical line which led to the lost position 2 rooks and knight vs queen. Anna Muzychuk managed to defend the position queen vs 2 rooks against Ju Wenjun, while Natalia Zhukova got the position with a slight edge from the opening but the evaluation remained balanced till the end of the game. It was Women World Champion Maria Muzyhcuk, who saved the match by defeating Tan Zhongyi in a deep ending.

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