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Round 8: Georgia, Russia and China win
 MG 8034 

The World Women Team Championship will see exciting finish as Georgia and Russia are still fighting for gold medals in the final round. The leader of the tournament won another match, this time against Armenia with 3:1 score. Georgia has 15 points, while Russia follows with 13 points after victory in the match against Ukraine. Other three matches finished with 3.5 : 0.5 score - China defeated USA, Kazakhstan outplayed Egypt and India was stronger against Poland. China is on the third place with 11 points and will meet in the final round with Georgia, while Russia is matched against USA.

Russia-Ukraine was one of the most exciting and toughest matches in the round 8 and tournament, as it was clear the outcome will affect the final results in the Championship for both teams. The match started with 2:0 in favor of Russia. Natalia Zhukova chose to play Volga Gambit against Olga Girya and miscalculated in a double edged position. Natalia Pogonina sacrificed a piece but didn’t get enough compensation. However, she managed to trick her opponent Anna Ushenina in the time trouble and won the game. Valentina Gunina was not obliged to sacrifice a pawn in the endgame which turned to be lost after that and the score became 2:1. The fate of the match was decided on the second board where Alexandra Kosteniuk managed to hold a very difficult endgame against Maria Muzychuk.
Bele Khotenashvili keeps on showing fantastic result on the board one! Elina Danielian was another victim today. Mari Arabidze managed to get decisive material advantage against Lilit Galoyan, while Nino Batsiashvili escaped from the perpetual check and outplayed Maria Kursova. Lilit Mkrtchian was the only Armenian played who brought a point to her team by defeating Lela Javakishvili.
Indian team, which lost yesterday chances to get medals in the championship, switched the gear today and crushed Poland with 3,5:0,5 score. Jolanta Zawadska was the only one who took a half point in the game against Harika Dronavalli.
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