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Round 2: four teams are leading with 3 points
 MG 6441

The second round of the World Women’s Team Championship started with a short delay. Natalia Pogonina didn’t like the lighting over her board and the game Pogonina-Mkrtchian was moved to another room next to the main playing hall. After unfortunate start Ukrainian team, led by World Champion Maria Muzychuk, defeated Kazakhstan with 3, 5 : 0,5 score. Georgia crushed the Egyptian team with 4:0. Other three matches China-India, USA-Poland, Russia-Armenia finished in a draw after long fight. Valentina Gunina, the top board of Russian team, suffers the second loss in a row, this time against Elina Danielian. The game became decisive for the outcome of the match Russia-Armenia. After two rounds Georgia, Poland, China and USA shares the lead with 3 team points.

 MG 6410

The Chief arbiter Takis Nikolopoulos makes decision to move the game Pogonina-Mkrtchian to another room. For the second time the same board becomes the center of attention – in the previous round Anna Ushenina lost on time there.

 MG 6554

The game Pogonina-Mkrtchian finished in a draw same as Goryachkina-Galojan, while Olga Girya won an equal ending against Susanna Gaboyan.

 MG 6492

In a decisive game of the match Valentina Gunina and Elina Danielian chose the sharp line in Nimzo but it seems Valentina Gunina didn’t know the main theory and soon found herself in the lost position.

 MG 6535

The leader of the Indian team Humpy Koneru won a nice game against Ju Wenjun to equalize the score in the match against China, after Ann Mari Gomez was defeated by Lei Tingjie. Harika Dronavalli and Rout Padmini made two solid draws against Tan Zhingyi and Sheng Yang respectively.

 MG 6509

Small panda was helping Salome Melia during her game against Shrook Wafa. Shahenda Wafa was the only player from Egypt, who could have put more problems to her opponent Lela Javakishvili during the game. Nevertheless, Georgia won the match with impressive 4:0 score.

 MG 6552

After yesterday’s loss, Ukrainian players came in a fighting mood. It was not an easy walk for Ukrainian team; however, they showed better nerves at the critical moment before the first time control. World Champion Maria Muzychuk started her first tournament after Sochi with the victory over Zhansaya Abdumalik. The match could have finished with 4:0 score but Natalia Zhukova didn’t manage to convert her advantage in the ending against Gulmira Dauletova and the last game finished in a draw.

 MG 6546
USA bravely held the higher rated Poland to a 2-2 tie. Alisa Melekhina outplayed Klaudia Kulon on the last board, while Karina Szczepowska-Horowska equalized a score after her victory over Viktorija Ni. Other two games finished in a draw.

The city of Chengdu in China is hosting the Women's World Chess Team Championship from April 18th to 28. The organizers are Chinese Chess Association, FIDE World Chess Federation, with the support of Board and Card Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China and Chengdu Municipal Government.

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