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Round 4: Georgia stays at the top
 MG 6758
In the fourth round of the World Women’s Team Championship the leader of the tournament Georgia kept its position at the top by winning the match against Kazakhstan with 3:1 score.  After numerous ups and downs Russia outplayed India with 2,5:1,5 score and placed second in the table. USA lost its first match in the tournament against Ukraine with 3:1, while Armenia won with the narrow score against Poland. China crushed Egypt with 4:0 and shares 3rd place with Ukraine and Armenia.

Humpy Koneru had winning position against Valentina Gunina but made few mistakes in the time trouble.


The last chance was to take on b4 with the knight and it’s not easy for Black to break through. Humpy played 39.cb and had to resign few moves later after Qa4-Qb3. It was lucky day for Valentina Gunina, who started the tournament with 2 losses.

Harika Dronavalli showed good technique in the endgame bishop & rook vs knight & rook and didn’t let Alexandra Kosteniuk to revenge for her defeat in Sochi. Alexandra Goryachkina drew with Rout Padmini.


Olga Girya got two extra passed pawns and though absolutely winning position but with the last move she blundered quite simple tactical blow.

33…Be5! And white cannot take the bishop. Olga put herself together and started to win the game from the beginning to gain an important point for her team.

The match Poland-Armenia finished in favor of Armenia despite unfortunate loss of the top player Elina Danielian. Lilit Mrktchian and Lilit Galojan outplayed their opponents and the draw on the last board secured the victory in the match for Armenia with narrow score.

Ukraine assumed a quick lead against USA as playing with white Anna Muzychuk and Natalia Zhukova defeated their opponents Tatev Abrakhamyan and Viktorija Ni. Women World Champion Maria Muzychuk and Inna Gaponenko managed to defend worse endgames against Katerina Nemcova and Alisa Melekhina respectively.

Georgia achieved a relatively easy win against Kazakhstan. Nino Batsiashvili won a nice game against Dauletova, while Bela Khotenashvili defeated Zhansaya Abdumalik, who suffers the third loss in a row. Other two game finished in a draw.



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