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Chess in school: Xu Yuhua, the former world champion visited a primary school
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The top women chess players in the world are competing in Chengdu China right now. Meanwhile, Chess in school activity is also taking place here. On 23rd April, Xu Yuhua, the former world champion, visited Chengdu Normal College Primary School. She gave a lecture about the origin of chess, shared her experience of learning chess and happily interacted with students here. Every one had a very good time this afternoon.
Chess started to be a course in Chengdu Normal College Primary School since 2001.

Every student in the school knows how to play chess. Many chess talents are emerging in such a good environment, such as Wang Ruichen, a master of Chinese Chess Association and Jiang Tianci, silver medal winner of Li Chengzhi Chess Cup. There is one most famous player among all of them. Her name is Lei Tingjie who spent two years studying in this primary school and is playing in the 2015 World Women’s Team Chess Championship in Chinese National Team. Students in this school which has a very deep atmosphere of chess, are excited and eager to meet Xu Yuhua. 150 students from 30 classes very appreciated the chance to attend the activity as only 5 students were selected from each class. 
Xu Yuhua, 39 years old now, had achieved 3 gold medals successively in World Olympiad in 2000, 2002 and 2004. She was pregnant when she became the 11th World Champion, wining in the World Women’s Chess Championship at the age of 30 in 2006. Today, Yu Yuhua, a petite lady, came to the school in a white coat and talked with the kids in a soft voice. By giving a video of chess, she successfully got the students excited. Then she shard many stories with them and demonstrated one of her own failed chess games in a vivid way. Some students were encouraged to get on the stage showing their failed games, which was very helpful for improving their understanding of chess. The following program was Q&A. by Xu Yuhua was amazed by these students who gave right answers to all questions given by her. After this activity Xu Yuhua was surrounded by a crowd of students requesting her signature and to take photos with her. 
In addition, Chengdu Chess Institute presented 10 sets of textbooks of chess to the school and also gave them paper fans with the signatures of Chinese team members as gifts to the students.
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