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Round 5: Georgia beats Ukraine
 MG 6887

In the central match of the round five Georgian top player Bela Khotenashvili defeated Anna Muzychuk, and with the other three games being drawn, Georgia signed an important victory against Ukraine. Georgia keeps the lead with 9 points, Russia is one point behind after victory over Egypt with 4:0 score. China won a very important match against Poland with 3:1 score to climb on the third place in the table. India was stronger in the match against USA and the only drawish result was in the match Armenia-Kazakhstan. 24th of April is a free day, the games of the 6th round will start at 3 p.m. local time on 25th of April.

 MG 6853
Before the start of the games the organizers and players congratulated former world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) and...

 MG 6863

one of the strongest Georgian players (Lela Javakhishvili) on their birthdays.

Georgia continued the winning streak by defeating Ukraine. Playing with Black Maria Muzychuk and Natalia Zhukova made draws before the first time control. Anna Muzychuk played inaccurately at the opening and lost a pawn at the early stage of the game. Bela Khotenashvili showed good technique and step by step converted her advantage into a full point.
 MG 6921

The match could have finished with 3:1 score but this time Anna Ushenina was lucky to save lost endgame against Nino Batsiashvili.

The fate of the match between China and Poland was decided on the bottom boards as Chinese Lei Tingjie and Ding Xiyin confidently won against their opponents Bratel Martha and Klaudia Kulon. Monika Socko defended worse endgame against Ju Wenjun, while Jolanta Zawadska tried hard to get some chances in the rook endgame, considering the match situation. Nevertheless, the games on the top boards finished in a draw.

 MG 6891

A very tense match between India and USA. Humpy Koneru recovered after yesterday’s game against Gunina and strike back with the victory over Tatev Abrakhamiyan. Katerina Nemcova held against Harika Dronavalli to a draw.


Sabina-Francesca Foisor missed victory in the time trouble. After orce 37.Ra8 Kd7 38. Ne5 and 39.Nc4 Black lose a piece and a game. She played 37.Re7 instead and the game finished in a draw.

Alisa Melekhina had absolutely lost position against Soumya Swaminathan and after many adventures had chances to save the game. Nevertheless, the luck was on the side of the Indian team today and Soumya found the way to win.

 MG 6822

The match Kazakhstan-Armenia started with a quick draw between Saduakassova and Mkrtchian. Elina Danielian got quite pleasant positional advantage after the opening but it took her few hours to convert it into a full point.

 MG 6825

Guliskhan Nakhbaeva brought another important point to her team to equalize the score and the outcome of the match was decided on the last board. Maria Kursova passed by winning opportunities in the game against Madina Davletbaeva and the game finished in a draw.

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