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Round 6: Georgia, Russia win, China makes draw
 MG 7400
The director of Chengdu Chess Center and Chengdu Chess Institute, Jiang Quansheng, together with the President of the Russian Chess Federation, Andrey Filatov, made the first symbolic moves in the game Socko-Gunina at the start of the 6th round of World Women Team Championship. 

 MG 7405

Andrey Filatov, who arrived to Chengdu to take part in the FIDE Presidential board meeting, brought also luck to the Russian team, who won the match against Poland with 3,5:0,5 score. Georgia convincingly outplayed USA and leads with 11 points, one point above Russia. China drew with Kazakhstan and placed third with 8 points. Ukraine defeated Armenia with a narrow score and climbed up on the fourth place.  India won against Egypt and placed fifth.

 MG 7424

Bela Khotenashvili and Meri Arabidze defeated their opponents Tatev Abrakhamyan and Viktorija Ni with black pieces, while the two games in which the Georgians played white pieces were balanced and eventually drawn.

 MG 7337

Poland managed to take only half a point In the match against the Russian team: Szczepkowska-Horowska won a pawn against Natalia Pogonina, but Russian player had enough compensation and the game finished a draw. In a complex middle game Monika Socko went for a sharp line but weaken her king. Valentina Gunina found the way to create dangerous mating attack on the king’s side.

Alexandra Kosteniuk sacrificed 2 pawns in order to get good initiative on the King’s side of Black. Despite the fact that computer is very optimistic about Black’s position, Jolanta Zawadska failed to find the exact moves to defend her position and former world champion won the second point for the Russian team.
On the contrary with the games of her teammates, Alexandra Goryachkina defeated her opponent Martha Bartel in a slow style in a deep endgame.

 MG 7357

Once again Kazakhstan proved to be an unpleasant opponent for China. Chinese girls didn’t manage to defeat lower rated opponent and all the games finished in a draw.

 MG 7499
Zhansaya Abdumalik, who was playing white against Ju Wenjun, agreed to repeat the moves in a position, where she could have tried an interesting sacrifice and get bishop and 2 pawns for rook.

 MG 7414

The defending champions from Ukraine have made a leap ahead by defeating Armenia. Inna Gaponenko win on the last board was the only decided game in the match.
In the seventh round Ukraine will play against China, Russia vs Kazakhstan, Egypt vs Poland, Armenia vs USA, Georgia vs India.

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