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Round 5: Georgia beats Ukraine
 MG 6887

In the central match of the round five Georgian top player Bela Khotenashvili defeated Anna Muzychuk, and with the other three games being drawn, Georgia signed an important victory against Ukraine. Georgia keeps the lead with 9 points, Russia is one point behind after victory over Egypt with 4:0 score. China won a very important match against Poland with 3:1 score to climb on the third place in the table. India was stronger in the match against USA and the only drawish result was in the match Armenia-Kazakhstan. 24th of April is a free day, the games of the 6th round will start at 3 p.m. local time on 25th of April.

Chess in school: Xu Yuhua, the former world champion visited a primary school
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The top women chess players in the world are competing in Chengdu China right now. Meanwhile, Chess in school activity is also taking place here. On 23rd April, Xu Yuhua, the former world champion, visited Chengdu Normal College Primary School. She gave a lecture about the origin of chess, shared her experience of learning chess and happily interacted with students here. Every one had a very good time this afternoon.
Chess started to be a course in Chengdu Normal College Primary School since 2001.

Round 4: Georgia stays at the top
 MG 6758
In the fourth round of the World Women’s Team Championship the leader of the tournament Georgia kept its position at the top by winning the match against Kazakhstan with 3:1 score.  After numerous ups and downs Russia outplayed India with 2,5:1,5 score and placed second in the table. USA lost its first match in the tournament against Ukraine with 3:1, while Armenia won with the narrow score against Poland. China crushed Egypt with 4:0 and shares 3rd place with Ukraine and Armenia.

Round 3: Georgia defeats Poland and takes sole lead
 MG 6561

In the round 3 of the Women’s World Team Championship Nino Batsiashvili brought the victory to Georgian team in the match against Poland. Thus, Georgia became the sole leader in the tournament with 5 team points. In another central match of the round the Russian team, led by former World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk, celebrated its first victory after defeating China with 3:1 score.  After 3 rounds Russia shares the second place together with the team from USA, which held the higher rated team from Kazakhstan to a draw. Ukraine was in danger to lose the match against India but Natalia Zhukova equalized the score by winning the critical final game. Armenia outplayed Egypt with 3:1 score. 
Round 2: four teams are leading with 3 points
 MG 6441

The second round of the World Women’s Team Championship started with a short delay. Natalia Pogonina didn’t like the lighting over her board and the game Pogonina-Mkrtchian was moved to another room next to the main playing hall. After unfortunate start Ukrainian team, led by World Champion Maria Muzychuk, defeated Kazakhstan with 3, 5 : 0,5 score. Georgia crushed the Egyptian team with 4:0. Other three matches China-India, USA-Poland, Russia-Armenia finished in a draw after long fight. Valentina Gunina, the top board of Russian team, suffers the second loss in a row, this time against Elina Danielian. The game became decisive for the outcome of the match Russia-Armenia. After two rounds Georgia, Poland, China and USA shares the lead with 3 team points.
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